Do you have a child obsessed with horses? If so, I am sure you would like to facilitate the fun he or she has with horses whenever possible. And the good news is, the options for doing so are endless. As you might guess, the only limitations you will run into are financial and age restrictive. Here are a couple of things I recommend to those coming in to get started with Let Em Lope:



Grooming play.


Youngsters enjoy grooming their pets for many reasons. Not only does it give them a sense of responsibility and participation, but it can provide a daily activity to look forward to as well. Many times your child will request they participate in grooming play with their siblings, friends, or you their parent. You can boost the experience by providing them with a set of child-sized grooming tools which helps them stay interested and involved. You can now find bright, kid-friendly tools in a multitude of colors on many websites and in your local tack shops.



Let Em Lope Riding Lessons.


The joys of riding are endless. As with choosing a riding instructor, you should select a facility on the basis of safety standards and how your child interacts with each horse. Like people, horses are very emotional creatures with personalities and feelings that are reflected in behavior. Your child will most likely take to a horse that has similar mannerisms to them. At Let Em Lope, we love to facilitate the relationships between horse and child and have many different programs to suit your individual needs.



To encourage a child’s love of horses, here is a small reading list for your family:


Early Readers:


Keeker by Hadley Higginson – These are great for bed time stories.


Pony Pals by Jeanne Betancourt – These are a bit older and a great series.



Elementary School


Misty of Chincoteague by Marguerite Henry – A Newbery Award winner originally published in 1947.  There are several Misty books in the series, all very enjoyable.


Wildwood Stables by Suzanne Weyn – There are 6 books in this Scholastic series and takes place in a hunter lesson barn.


Middle School


Horses of Oak Valley Ranch Series by Jane Smiley a Pulitzer Prize winning novelist who has always owned horses.  This series is fantastic from an educational and emotional point of view.


Bittersweet Farm by Barbara Morgenroth – This series for horse lovers has six excellent books in it. There is an undertone of relationships between young boys and girls so parents might want to keep it until mid teens.

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