Does Buying or Leasing a Horse Require?


The amount of time you and your child spend at our facility is, to some extent, up to you. To another extent dependent upon which discipline your child rides in. Keep in mind, it isn’t just the training that takes time, but your child will need to spend time caring for and grooming the horse that participates in their training.


In the winter, being a parent of a child who loves to ride can be challenging as the cold sets in. In the chillier months, we usually have children take 2 lessons per week lasting an hour each. This will keep your young rider’s legs fresh for spring, but allow you to do other fun winter activities.


Sometime in March the ground begins to thaw out and our riders come for lessons upwards of 3 times a week. Shows typically start in April and there will be likely events to enter every weekend from April through October. Not to say you need to enter in a show every weekend, but they are readily available and at let Em Lope we are happy to help train your child for any level of competition they are interested in. Show days start early and end late. When competing, riders are typically given a time slot for each phase or test so parents will be able to plan days and evening accordingly.


There are always other things like trips to the tack shop, research on horses, drive time to and from the barn, checking out what’s new in dressings and show clothing reading about riding, and so much more. On average, I would be prepared to invest 10 hours a week as it relates to your horse, and Let Em Lope is the perfect partner.

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