Dec 9 2014

Are you interested in trying your hand at the show world but not sure about the commitment? Are you a parent of a child who is in love with horses? Leasing a horse gives you the opportunity to experience the responsibility of ownership without the up front cost of purchasing. If you would like to explore if owning a horse is something that might just work for you, or want to get back into riding? A lease is a great place to start!


Leasing a horse from Let ‘Em Lope will give you time to decide if wanting to own a horse is a passing phase or a serious endeavor you want to embark on for years to come. This horse leasing program will provide you and/or your child with more responsibility and experience in the horse world and will familiarize you with routine care of a horse. Leased horses from Let ‘Em Lope are not intended for competition or any type of performance, but rather to help you establish if buying a horse is the next step continuing in your horsemanship goals. A full lease is a perfect opportunity to “test drive” and decide firsthand if owning a horse is right for you.


Your eligibility for a leased horse at Let ‘Em Lope is at the discretion of the instructor, to ensure the proper match is made. These determinations may require a demonstration of an adequate level of horsemanship, both on the ground and in saddle as well as the obvious connection between the lessor and the horse. Continuing enrollment in Let ‘Em Lope’s lesson program is required when leasing a horse from our facility and discounted rates will apply. Length of lease is customized for each client.

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