trainingPassion, patience and perseverance is the foundation to the training philosophy at Let ‘Em Lope Performance Horses. The passion for excellence, the patience to wait on the horse for the perfect timing, and the perseverance to commit to the process through the very end is how we train today’s performance horse.

Josh Roberts views Western Pleasure as the fundamental beginning of a solid, long-lasting horse in today’s show world. With that solid beginning of true balance, rhythm, and cadence, it opens up many more possibilities for both horse and rider.

As you walk through, Let ‘Em Lope’s doors you will see many different breeds of horses such as: Quarter Horses, Paint Horses and Appaloosas. As a rule, Josh will never turn down any breed as long as there is a clear cut attainable goal in mind. Let ‘Em Lope will customize the training program specific to you and your horse.

Our training packages include lessons for the rider to ensure the training put on your horse is personalized to fit your needs as the rider. We will also gladly accommodate those that are not looking to participate in the lesson program but have a horse that needs started or finished.

Our program is meant to be customized to each individual client and their needs. All horses in the Let ‘Em Lope training program are on a specific and closely monitored diet and fed several times daily. Josh’s extensive knowledge of diet and nutrition is yet another reason why our horses excel in the show pen. Horses are blanketed when the weather requires, and each horse has lights and heat lights on timers. The quality and thought in which we care of our horses is unmatched!

Packages are offered in the following increments:

  • 12 month package
  • 6 month package
  • 3 month package
  • 30 day package

For more information on pricing and stall availability contact us today!